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SEO agency in Barcelona

We’ll grow your website and increase your online traffic

We have websites with 1,000,000 + visits per month; we’ll apply our experience to your project


Its dairy products have filled millions of refrigerators for almost a century.

We enhance the visibility of one of their product lines

It represents everyone who loves fashion in a different and personal way.

We generate visits and attract new customers to them


It’s a leader in the e-commerce sector, and over 500,000 stores use its services.

We adapt their design to the Portuguese and Spanish market

Your search engine positioning agency in Barcelona

We’re experts in the following digital marketing services:

Posicionamiento SEO

SEO positioning


We’ll increase organic traffic with the strategies your project needs.


Creación de contenido

Content creation


We’ll identify the best long tail titles with content strategies that help your positioning.


Posicionamiento SEM

SEM positioning


We customize your campaigns so that you reach your target audience and achieve the highest conversion rates.


Auditoría SEO

SEO audit


We figure out why your page isn’t thriving and what to do to achieve better positioning.


Consultoría SEO

SEO Consulting


If you have any doubts or questions regarding your site’s SEO positioning, we’ll try to resolve them.


Why use our web positioning services?

Because we’re truly passionate about online positioning! At BigSEO, we understand that your online project is as unique as you are; that’s why we think creatively and innovatively to offer you complete SEO positioning, web content, link building and SEM positioning services to help your page rocket in search engine rankings.

We don’t think small; we let your project take off with a comprehensive and professional web positioning strategy.

And if you need to figure out why your page isn’t getting the results you expect, our SEO audits are the analysis tool you’re looking for. Our dedicated professional team detects your site’s errors and corrects them.

We are professionals with extensive experience in the online world and innovative DNA. We’re ready to take web positioning to another level with SEO strategies, creative content marketing, and custom-made solutions. Our goal is to increase visits and improve conversion rates for your page.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency that takes on the challenge of increasing your organic traffic in an ingenious and transparent way, with personalized advice, the best SEO and SEM positioning strategies, relevant web content, and a link building matrix developed to enhance a profile of healthy links, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

At BigSEO, we offer the highest-calibre professional services to make your online project grow. We’re the web positioning agency you’re looking for!