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We’re BIGSEO, a Barcelona-based digital performance agency. We breath and live online marketing. Since 2014 we deliver outstanding results and work with world-class brands such as Danone, Neil Patel and Glovo. Top notch clients require first-class service. Every time – all the time. We like to think that we do things differently: we don’t offer out of the box solutions, but tailor our service to your specific situation.

BIGSEO is the industry-leader in the digital ROI product development space. We have a trackrecord of creating innovative and  profitable online marketing products. BIGSEO is a hub of innovation and passion, always striving for best results for our clients. We believe in pushing the boundaries of existing online marketing products towards higher profits and more predictable revenue streams and work on that every day.

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We love what we do. We are a group of engineers, online marketers and entrepreneurs on the quest to re-define how companies and individuals acquire customers and monetize their traffic online. Regardless if you are looking for more organic traffic, better visibility, reputation management or a way to dominate your niche, we would love to help you.

Result Oriented

At our heart we are a people business. We strive for perfection and hundred percent customer satisfaction. Our company culture and structure with small and flexible teams is aligned to tailor and adapt our products to your requirements specifically. Our consultative approach helps us to understand your needs before starting any project to ensure that we build a product that serves your goals. In every stage of the project we have your return on investment in our mind.


The advantage about being innovators is that we do not have to follow anyone. At BIGSEO we walk on paths no one has walked before. Developing and creating new ways to attract visitors is in our DNA. We have a culture of constant improvement and encourage every team member to look for solutions that seem unconventional.


Among our team we have over 20 years of combined experience in Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

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We know that your requests are as unique as your business yourself. That's why we tailor a suited offer just for you.