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SEO audit

Discover your site’s weaknesses through an in-depth SEO audit

We help you find weaknesses and errors so that we can fix them and improve your results.

What is an SEO audit?

The SEO audit is the best tool for uncovering any faults on a page, and the most appropriate way to optimize it and put it in the running for high search engine rankings. This service is ideal for determining the status of your online presence and discovering why the changes and actions you’ve made in the past may not have taken effect.

Why is it important to perform an SEO audit?


Reasons why your page may need an SEO audit


What do you need to do after an SEO audit?


auditoria seo

What do our audits detect?

Some of the errors we usually find are:

problemas de contenido seo

Content-related problems

We detect duplicate content, keyword cannibalization, or poor-quality content that can affect your positioning and reduce the relevance of your site.

Análisis de títulos, meta descripciones y ALT

Analysis of titles, meta descriptions, and alt attributes

We review the proper implementation of titles (H1, H2, H3, etc.), the quality of your pages’ meta descriptions, and whether the alt attributes in your images are correct.

optimizacion de las url

URL status and optimization

We detect broken links, whether your pages’ URLs are optimized, and which ones should be de-indexed because they don’t contribute to relevance and consume your tracking budget.

revision de redirecciones

Review of web redirects

Badly implemented redirects can lead to 404 errors that harm user experience and affect SEO. Determining whether they have been done well is essential to optimizing your website effectively.

enlaces externos perjudiciales

Detection of harmful external links

If your site receives a lot of toxic links, your positioning may be damaged; we analyze in detail the presence of these types of links and what must be done to eliminate them.

Velocidad de carga de la página

Page loading speed

A slow page that’s not optimized for mobile devices and / or has loading problems is a difficult page to position organically. We highlight the corrections needed to make your website fast and effective.

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